How to Protect Your Home’s Foundation

Nov 24 2017

Once constructed, a home’s foundation is usually forgotten about. We think about maintaining the siding and eavestroughs, but we rarely think about what any of this means for the foundation. A house’s foundation is fundamental even after construction. So what's the Best Way to Protect Your Home's Foundation? Make sure your gutters are flowing Ensure […]

Which is Better – Steel or Aluminum Gutters?

Oct 24 2017

Being a homeowner means constant maintenance on your property and home. With the weather turning, and winter approaching, an area of your home that you might want to consider re-evaluating are your gutters. Often overlooked and forgotten about, gutters are essential to the drainage of rainfall and precipitation from your home. If your gutters are […]

How to Storm-Proof Your Roof

Sep 26 2017

With the global temperature rising and changing yearly, we’ve been seeing a rise in severe storms alongside hotter climates and unpredictable rainfall. The scale and frequency of these big storms is unprecedented, as is the damage they’ve been leaving behind. While Canada may not have the threats of hurricanes and tsunamis the way tropical and […]

Why Does My House Need Gutters?

Aug 24 2017

Many homeowners find gutters and eavestroughs to be a big hassle and wonder if it is worth it. After all, it’s no secret that cleaning them out is a tedious and messy task. Not having to maintain gutters seems like a dream come true. So Why Does Your Home Need Gutters? Gutters help protect many […]

How Often Should I Replace My Roof?

Aug 14 2017

In this modern day and age, it seems like almost everything from cellphones to new cars are designed to be thrown out or replaced after just a few years. While this might not be a bad thing as far as technology is concerned, most homeowners probably don’t want to invest in a roof that needs […]

4 Window Upgrades You Should Make This Summer

Jun 30 2017

As everybody knows, summer is the season for backyard barbecues, trips to the beach and yes, home renovations. It’s the perfect time of year to start ticking off to-dos from your backlog of things to fix up around the house. Even if your house may seem like it’s in perfect condition, one area that is […]

How to Get Raccoons and Other Wildlife out of Your Attic

Jun 24 2017

With April showers come May flowers, and a whole host of other creatures, big and small. Spring is baby season for many animals and cute as they may be, you probably don’t want them nesting in your attic. Unfortunately, invasive animals are the source of many a headache for a lot of homeowners, which is […]