The Importance of Cleaning Fallen Leaves

Dec 02 2016

Nobody likes ridding their property of fallen leaves; it’s hard work, it’s time consuming, and it can also feel like a never-ending battle if your neighbor fails to remove theirs from their property. Fallen leaves, seemingly innocent though they may be, can actually damage your property, and in more ways than one. Beautiful as they […]

Ice Dams: Scourge of the Canadian Winter

Nov 23 2016

If you’re a resident of the Great White North, you’re likely already familiar with one of the greatest threats that plagues Canadian homes every winter: ice dams. Whether you just immigrated from warmer climes or you’ve recently become a homeowner for the first time, you might be wondering what ice damming is and, exactly how […]

Preparing Your Roof for Winter

Oct 26 2016

Before you know it, winter will be upon us – again. With the tang of the first snowfall already in the air, it’s likely time to see if your roof is in tiptop shape. Taking a little bit of time to inspect your roof now will certainly pay dividends in the frigid months to come. […]

7 Common Roofing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Oct 25 2016

As with anything to do with your home (or in life for that matter) there’s a right way and a wrong way to do things. Usually, knowing the right thing to do comes from experience, something that can’t be discounted when installing and maintaining a quality roof. A new roof can be incredibly expensive, so […]

Eavestrough Maintenance in the Fall

Sep 15 2016

Winter is coming, and with it comes the frost and snow, especially for those of us in the north. Maintaining your eavestroughs as fall arrives is crucial to preventing problems caused by ice damming and water damage to the roof deck. Also, any debris and water caught in the eavestrough will freeze, overload the gutter […]

How to Pick the Right Shingle Colour for Your Roof

Sep 09 2016

Your roof is extremely important to the overall appearance of your home, impacting everything from its property value to its curb-appeal, but it is not always easy to choose the perfect colour for your shingles. Even when you’ve narrowed down the material you want to use, there are a multitude of colours and shades available, […]

How White Roofs Can Help Keep Your Home Cool

Aug 23 2016

Just like wearing lighter colored clothing, a lighter colored shingle can reduce roof temperatures by 50 degrees or more. There are several options to consider when replacing your roof or completing roofing repairs that will help keep your home cool, many of which are cost effective and will save you additional money in the long […]