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D'Angelo and Sons is here for homeowners in Etobicoke with exterior solutions that are both efficient and physically appealing. In business since 1981, we've built our reputation on quality and customer service.

What Makes us Different?

Our Unique Process

1. Twice – the # of times we confirm meetings.
2. We assess & provide a full overview of repairs required & costs.

3. We confirm the repairs & start date.
4. A roofing project manager is assigned.

5. Our experts begin – & complete – repairs on time & within budget.
6. Upon completion, the site is cleaned.

7. You get a certificate of guarantee & follow-up phone call.

Etobicoke homeowners take pride in themselves, their city, and their homes. This growing metropolis is much sought-after—and it’s no wonder. And, just like your safe and beautiful city, D’Angelo and Sons want you to feel safe in your beautiful home. With our wide range of roofing, siding, and eavestrough services and over 35 years of expert industry experience, you can trust D’Angelo and Sons to take care of all of your home’s exterior needs.


Knowing that your roof needs to be repaired or replaced can be a stressful process. You many question who can do it, how long it will take, what it will cost, and what the process will look like. It’s important to make sure that you’re getting the right person to do the job. D’Angelo and Sons have been experts in the roofing business since 1980.

We are equipped to handle all kinds of roofing replacements and repairs, including old plywood, shingles, skylight and ventilation fixtures, and we can do this on many different types of roofs.

We have a tried, trusted, and true process that involves an in-person meeting, professional assessment, and providing a detailed quotation with time and cost before we begin repairs. We want you feel secure in our process and team early in the process. Once we begin repairs, the work is executed and supervised by professionals every step of the way. We complete the repairs or installation, clean up any scrap materials, and present you with a certificate of guarantee.


Protecting the structural integrity and physical appearance of your Etobicoke home is of the utmost importance to us. Eavestrough repair and replacement is considered a supplementary service to many other contracting companies, but D’Angelo and Sons views it as a crucial element to the exterior of your home. These metal piping and funnelling structures present water damage, wet basements, mould, and unwanted animals.

Our process involves a thorough examination, followed by installation and repairs. We are proud of our Certified Master Elite GAF contractor status and our detailed process reflects that. We use only the highest quality materials in order to insure the safety and stability of your home. Our estimates are arranged at a time that is convenient for you, and we have an expert representative assess the needs of your specific home. We create a detailed list, including time, cost, and exact materials. Our representatives can answer any question you may have about the process and materials. We want to ensure your peace of mind before we begin work on your home.

Our support extends beyond just the installation and repair process. We also provide you with advice regarding the upkeep of your eavestroughs and thoroughly explain the warranties we provide. We also follow up with a telephone call and email to ensure your satisfaction once the work is complete. It is important to us that your home contributes to the beautiful curb appeal and status in your Etobicoke neighbourhood.


If you’re unfamiliar with what siding refers to, it’s the outer covering that protects your home from the elements. While siding can be made from many different materials, including various types of wood and metal, it has one thing in common—it must suffer through all of the different kinds of weather Ontario has! The additional purpose of siding is to make your Etobicoke house looking its very best. This can be to increase curb appeal or resale value for both your home and neighbourhood.

Our process involves a consultation with you and one of our sales representatives. Once we have seen your home, we will provide you with a detailed assessment of the current state of your home’s siding, including any damage and what may have caused it. We will also provide you with a time and cost estimate and discuss any questions or concerns you may have. As always, our highly-skilled contractors will be supervised by a project manager to keep the project on time and budget. We are so confident in our abilities that we give each and every one of our customers a certificate of guarantee upon project completion.

Whether you want the vinyl, wood, or aluminum siding on your home either replaced or repaired, D’Angelo and Sons can handle the job.

If your Etobicoke home requires repairs or replacement on the roof, eavestroughs, or siding, contact D’Angelo and Sons today. Our skilled representatives can answer all of your questions and arrange a time and date to assess your project that works for you. Etobicoke is a quickly growing community and we want to ensure the safety, integrity, and beauty of your home there.

Customer testimonials:

“I was impressed from the start, when I called to get a estimate the girl who took my information was knowledgeable and helpful. Frank, who came out to give me a estimate was professional and knew what he was talking about. The day that they started to do the roof, Dan the project manager was on site he kept us updated on the progress of the job. The crew, which was led by Carlos, was amazing. All in all my experience with D’Angelo and Sons was simply amazing. We are so happy that we chose them to do our roof.”

Andrew K. from Etobicoke, Ontario

“Let me start by saying I’m a very picky person. After getting three quotes I decided to go with D’Angelo and sons for our roof and our siding. Matt was our initial contact when he came out to quote the job for me. He took his time to go over every aspect of the job, and made sure that we were clear on how the job was going to play out. It turns out that someone is pickier than me. These guys were the best.”

Marvin J. from Etobicoke, Ontario


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