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D'Angelo and Sons is here for homeowners in Oakville with exterior solutions that are both efficient and physically appealing. In business since 1981, we've built our reputation on quality and customer service.

What Makes us Different?

Our Unique Process

1. Twice – the # of times we confirm meetings.
2. We assess & provide a full overview of repairs required & costs.

3. We confirm the repairs & start date.
4. A roofing project manager is assigned.

5. Our experts begin – & complete – repairs on time & within budget.
6. Upon completion, the site is cleaned.

7. You get a certificate of guarantee & follow-up phone call.

Oakville is a brand new community with a lot of new homes in the neighbourhood. With it’s proximity to the city, great amenities, schools, and transportation, houses in Oakville are highly sought after—to which the booming real estate market can attest!

Keeping Oakville beautiful is an effort that each and every homeowner undertakes by maintaining the exterior of their own house. But maintaining the exterior of your home is not just about the aesthetics. You’re also protecting your home and your family from costly repairs as a result of water damage, heat escape and other structural defects.

D’Angelo and Sons offers a wide range of services to either repair or replace elements of your home’s exterior. We have over 35 years of industry experience handling roofs, siding and eavestroughs. Our professionals are highly trained and certified experts who can get the job done right—on time and on budget.

Living in Ontario, you and your home are both subject to four very distinct seasons, each with their own weather patterns. Wind, temperature, and humidity level also play a role in this. Whether it’s the summer sunshine or the winter snow, you need to be able to trust your home to protect your family from the elements. The reality is, that each of these weather patterns will affect your home over time. Knowing when to repair or replace your roof, siding, or eavestroughs can be a difficult and stressful time, but D’Angelo and Sons is your trusted partner in this process.


When roofs fall into disrepair, they can cause water damage, heat escape, and other costly structural defects to your home. We’re equipped to handle all different types of roofs, including flat-slope roofs, and can either repair or replace damaged areas according to your specific needs. Whether it’s the shingles, old plywood, skylights, or ventilation fixtures, we can address the problem areas quickly and cost-effectively.


The same goes for the siding of your home. Siding types vary between vinyl, wood, and aluminum, but all types are susceptible to wear and tear, as well as damage, over time. Keeping the siding on your home well-maintained is crucial to preventing larger problems further down the road.


Eavestroughs are also very important to maintain, although many contracting companies offer this only as a supplementary service. Clogged or broken eavestroughs, gutters, and downspouts can cause a variety of problems, such as wet basements, water damage, unwanted animals and mould. We know how important is it to avoid these issues and consider our eavestroughs services to be of the utmost importance.

Addressing the repair needs of your roof, siding, and eavestroughs is not just practical—it also increases the curb appeal of your home. By extension, you’re increasing the resale value of your home and neighbourhood by ensuring that the exterior of your home is well-maintained.

How can I get started?

Maintaining the exterior of your home keeps Oakville a beautiful and highly desirable city. It also protects you and your family from the elements and costly repairs from water damage or wear and tear as a result of our Ontario weather. Contact our Oakville team today to get more information on repairing or replacing the roof, siding or eavestroughs on your home today.


“We decided to call D’Angelo and Sons when in one day we say four of there vehicles in different parts of the city on the same day. We called to set up a appointment for someone to come out and look at our roof. Matt came out and provided us a detailed quote and answered all the questions John and I had. We decided to get D’Angelo’s to do the job. I know now that there was a reason I say them all over the place that day. These guys are the best. I have told all my friends of my experience with this company.”

Sarah E. from Oakville, Ontario

“Jeremie came out to do look at our roof. We had shingle blow off after a bad rainstorm. He arranged for our roof to get patched within a day. Then 3 weeks later they did the whole roof. We cannot say enough about the crew, the project manager and everyone we talked to. Truly a professional outfit. Great job and fair price. You need a roof done, call D’Angelo and Sons.”

Blair B. from Oakville, Ontario


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