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How long does a roof last?

We find that most roofs in southern Ontario installed in the 1990’s tend to have a life typical of 10 to 15 years. Much of this is due to the type of shingles installed (3-tab-organic) which were used back then.

What should you look for when hiring a roofing contractor?

You want to make sure that your contractor of choice has a solid reputation and a history of good installations. Unfortunately, the roofing industry is full of “fly-by -nights” and “one-year-wonders” who are just not there if you need them a year or two later. You want to make sure that your contractor of choice is fully licensed with up to date WSIB coverage. Liability insurance coverage is also crucial due to the dangerous nature of roofing. All roofing staff should be licensed and should have “fall protection” training. You want to make sure that your contractor qualifies to offer a legitimate manufacturers’ warranty. It is also important that the contractor is a member and has a good record with the Better Business Bureau. When asked, your contractor should not hesitate to offer any documentation for any of the previous discussed.

What causes ice dams?

Ice dams are formed when heat from the inside of the home escapes into the attic space and warms the roof deck during the winter. This heat can melt the snow on the roof. Melting snow on the roof and in the valley runs toward the eaves trough. When that water reaches the cold roof deck at the eaves trough area it freezes. This continual process creates the ice dam. The result can be water backing up under the shingles or behind the fascia board where it can get to the roof decking causing further damage.

How do you prevent ice dams and the damage?

Good ventilation and proper ice and water shield will together prevent ice dam problems. The ventilation keeps the air moving through the attic allowing it to breath and maintain a cooler temperature as well as minimizing moisture.

What is attic ventilation?

Attic ventilation is a very important component of a properly functioning roofing system. Proper ventilation keeps the attic temperature as close as possible to the outside temperature. Proper ventilation minimizes moisture and takes the pressure off the roof deck and shingles during the summer months by keeping the attic cooler.

Why are some estimates lower than others?

The most important thing to remember is to compare apples to apples so to speak. Licensed and insured contractors with a good reputation in the industry and in the community typically cost more than the “fly by night” operators. The advantage of the better contractor will always be a much better job with a legitimate warranty and ongoing service in the future.

What should I expect the day of installation?

You should expect a high level of professionalism and a polite crew. The job should start on schedule and the property should be well protected with excellent site clean up. Your property should be left as it was found, if not cleaner. The only exception to this is a change in the weather in which case you will be contacted with any changes.

How long does the job take?

At D’Angelo and Sons most of our jobs are completed in one day. If the project is very large or complex then sometimes it may go into a second day.

What is the real explanation behind roofing warranties?

Shingle and roofing system warranties vary greatly from one contractor and another. What you need to be aware of is that two contractors can install the same shingle but have different warranties given from the same manufacturer. For example, true 50 year non pro-rated warranties can only be offered by a certified master elite GAF contractor and to be valid the correct roofing components need to be installed and the roof needs to be registered online. As is the case with most contractors, most roofs are not done with the correct components and are not registered. D’Angelo and Sons is a Certified Master Elite GAF contractor, therefore we are able to offer the most comprehensive and extensive workmanship and manufacturer warranties in the industry!